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The key to International Business success is to have a realistic expectation combined with a realistic go-to-market plan. We will work with you to scope out the competitive landscape, navigate through the government requirements, open up distribution channels and create a killer marketing plan. Success is both achievable and measurable. You will be presented with the most suitable local resources and save on expensive trial-error cost. More importantly, you will capture market opportunity before your competitor, and gain market share through steady growth.

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La Simple Co. is a multinational company that is committed to bring the best and the most innovative products to international markets. Established in 2003, La Simple Co. is mainly engaged in the distribution, retail and wholesale business of US maternal and baby products to the Greater China market.
Headquartered in the US, La Simple Co. also has a subsidiary in China, which gives us an edge compared to other trading companies of the similar type.


La Simple Co. is currently a distributor of: SmartyPants Vitamins, Yogi Tea, babo BOTANICALS, The Sili Squeeze, Eco Vessel, Real Kids, Jamie Rae Hats, Mommy I’m Here.

Our Mission: To Make You Famous

Quality Retailers

One of the most important things to La Simple Co. is the quality of our retailers. All retailer applications will go through a strict approval process to ensure the compliance with the advertising and pricing policies of our brands.
We strive to protect the brands we have distributorship with, all retailers as well as our customers.


If you are planning to enter the RED, HOT China market; or if you have entered the market but is somewhat at a loss, we can help. Contact us TODAY and let us know what are your goals and concerns. We will offer you the integrity and respect you rightfully deserve.