With the increase of middle-class in China, more and more customers pursue healthy and high-quality products. La Simple Co. focuses on this customer group. We are committed to introducing the best brands to our customers. If you has not opened the Chinese market, La Simple Co. will be your best choice. We can help to improve your audience’s perception of your brand in a way that builds brand awareness, equity, and loyalty.


Brand Stragety

The Chinese market requires high level of localization efforts and cultural sensitivity. La Simple Co. combines the same divergent skillsets and services that work together to create international brand’s big picture in China. We help build brand awareness, equity and loyalty. 


Channel Marketing

An astounding 98% of people in China experience the internet through their mobile phone, 710.3 million people had purchased goods online. When combined with the steady growth of the Chinese middle-class, it is clear to see business opportunities in both online and offline sales channels.


Marketing Campaigns

From sales-oriented e-commerce activities to awe-inspiring events, from integrated digital campaigns to immersive offline experiences, we have a team of creative experts who understand Chinese consumers and the best way to reach and convert them. We market a brand well, sales will follow.